It’s one of those games that has popped up on every platform imaginable (except for Xbox Live Arcade, interestingly enough) and to be honest I wasn’t planning on grabbing it at all as screenshots and a few short videos didn’t grab my attention. But at the recommendation of my friend ECM convinced me it was worth the trouble at $3, I went for it. After clearing the first of three campaigns in a little over an hour, I came away feeling that it is worth the price, maybe even $5 although I wouldn’t have pushed well beyond that, like $10-$15 as some indies ask for.

I probably would have picked it up on PC but I was closer to the WiiU so I went for that instead. I think that is the better choice as it has 2p support on U, one player on the gamepad, second player on the TV with a Wiimote. After the first level it becomes apparent that this really works for touchscreen controls, where it controls really well on the U gamepad. That might be why they skipped XBLA as this would not do the job with pure analog controls. I am not a part of the analyst crowd that for some reason believes that every game in existence works great with touchscreen (most do not) but this is one of those games that does.


S&S is a 2D strategy game where you start off as vikings aiming to create the ultimate barbeque sauce. The game does have some humor to it, good for a few quick laughs, the few voice over lines the game has helps in that regard.  (“Oh no, my temple!”).  You have two resources to use – gold and mana. Gold you get by having well-endowed Viking women who love gold go into the mines and gather. Mana regenerates by itself but you will want to buy mana upgrades which speeds up that regeneration process. Gold buys soldiers and other hardware; mana buys things like heal, rage, lighting bolt and more. The game eases you into the additions of new soldiers or items and the upgrade system feels similar to games like Trine.

I did play through it relatively quickly although I wouldn’t say the game is too easy. There were a few times near the end where I lost and had to start the level over, although with a 2nd run through I knew what to be ready for and conquered my enemies.

Granted I have not played all of the campaigns to give it a “full” review but I think I’ve played enough to say that I did not feel cheated out of $3. Seriously there is nothing to complain about at this price and it’s a nicely designed game that is fun to play if you have a few minutes. You probably aren’t going to dedicate hours and hours to it but that’s ok. There is a skirmish mode that I haven’t tired out yet, I’m sure that’s the typical see how long you can survive sort of thing.  Overall no matter which platform you get it for I’m sure it is great; again I give the WiiU a slight edge since it’s perfect on the gamepad and it has the two player mode ready to go.



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