I’m just phoning it in for this post but over at the Waxing Erratic Forums I have put together some compilations of E3 videos for the conferences today.

Xbox One Stuff

PlayStation 4 Stuff

I think Microsoft did the conference that they should have done last year – focus on the games, not the gimmicks that most people really don’t care about. They seemed to hold pretty steadfast to all of that this time around. Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown, Scalebound and the Halo stuff may prove interesting although I have to say that a lot of videos from both conferences are WAY too heavy on the cutscene CGI stuff. I get why they do that and I guess it works for some people but not for me. I want to see what the actual game will play like please. I didn’t bother checking out the Call of Duty stuff yet. I dunno if I will muster up the interest to anytime soon. Overall, Sunset Overdrive seems to have the best potential, it’s nice to see a game with humor every once in a while. I also noticed that color aside from Earth tones have returned to games. That’s also a welcome change overall.

On the PS4, I might have missed some of their vids but I can’t say there is much I found to really be hyped up for. Bloodborne, No Man’s Sky look like they could be good but the latter will be multiplat. I don’t know, I guess I might have been expecting a little more for Sony but they do at least have 3rd parties on board so more will come. Although for one of the trailers to show a game for 2016, I kind of had to roll my eyes at that one. I guess I was surprised that Microsoft had more stuff for this year to show, from what I saw. I didn’t check out the EA or Ubisoft stuff yet. Too busy working on some things for the arcade, in particular the video I hope to launch by the end of this week with some exclusive content for upcoming arcade games. 😉


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