Among the upcoming 2014 game releases, Hyrule Warriors is probably the game I am most hyped for(Gauntlet a close second; I need to see a little more on that one though). So far from these videos that Tecmo Koei keeps putting out in Japan, it’s looking like a lot of fun, and the best variation on the Dynasty Warriors formula since BladeStorm. Yes there is always an element to mindless button mashing in these kinds of games but it’s not 100% that type of play. There is some strategy involved in knowing which enemy units to focus on and this has the benefit of Zelda world items like the bombs, the claw hook, etc. which add a slightly different dynamic to the play – judging by the videos. I could always be wrong on the end product but where they look to be taking it down a finer-tuned path, that is something I am excited to see.

Here are the videos I know of showing off some characters and items. Much more than this will come along so I will probably update this post down the road as those are unveiled. The game will be out in the US for the WiiU on September 26th.

Update: Queen Zelda (yes, Queen) trailer added:


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