Sorry about the slackage as of late – slow Summer is going to be slow(in the sense of new video games for consoles). I’ve been pulled in various other directions lately, very stressful stuff so my mind hasn’t been on this blog much. But I try to press on so here’s a new thing about mobile gaming.

Question: Is anyone REALLY interested in these kind of hookups taking off?

One criticism I have had about mobile games is that a lot of stuff is made for a joystick/button setup. This sort of thing obviously resolves that, it is in the realm of the Nintendo WiiU gamepad, although the gamepad is seamlessly designed and has to stay near the console, etc. I’m talking more about functionality.

I’ve heard chatter that Nintendo should do this as their next “console”, just release something that exclusively aims Nintendo games for use on mobile with their special controller. The main problem is that piracy will certainly rear its ugly head and take away the control a company like Nintendo enjoys with their own hardware/software. Sure their systems get broken into but it would be a far worse problem in that instance.

Something like this also would just feel weird to carry around. The beauty of a device like the Nintendo DS/3DS is that they are ergonomically designed to take with you easily. Sure Dualshocks aren’t huge but they also aren’t something you wander around with outside of your house very often either.

I dunno, I just don’t see it but if anyone out there has a better insight into how items like this are truly the best way for gaming going forward, I would like to hear the case.


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I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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