Bethesda is known mainly for games like The Elder Scrolls and the recent Fallout games. For the most part they stick to making FPS type games these days but they have been involved in making other game types in the past. Back in the mid-90s they developed a game by the name of Protector, which was their minor twist on the Defender concept. It went unreleased during the Jaguar’s official lifespan through 1993-95 but a homebrew developer by the name of Songbird Productions picked it up and released it to cart(back in 1999 I think). IIRC it was pretty much finished so there wasn’t much work to be done however after that Songbird created Protector Special Edition with improved graphics and a few more changes. Now Songbird is giving the game yet another boost with Protector Resurgence for the Jaguar CD. THis is an expansion to the SE version of the game which adds: “24 new waves, new galaxy and ground graphics, new ship graphic, new enemies, and more.” Here is the “commercial” for the game which if you have a Jaguar, Jaguar CD, a Protector SE cart and a thing for Defender type games, then this is for you:


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