I’ll start out by saying I am not a fan of the Fatal Frame series – not because I dislike it but because I have not really played any of the games to form a full opinion. I played one of the FF games on the PS2 long ago about the same time I played Clock Tower 3 (my friends and I were on a little horror game kick for some reason, even though most of us aren’t huge horror fans). I remember more from CT3 than FF to be honest.

That said, I like what I see so far from Fatal Frame 5 for the WiiU, which launches later this month in Japan. What I find most intriguing from the game, based upon this trailer, is the use of the gamepad. Turning it to the side much be part of the challenge (it looks like the twist is to create a strong “shot” against the ghost) but overall using the WiiU gamepad as a camera controller for a game like this works better than an analog stick. Overall, I do hope Nintendo and Tecmo Koei decides to bring this over the West. It’s not that the WiiU is exactly lacking in horror content (ZombiU, Resident Evil Revelations, How To Survive, Master Reboot, etc) but one of the main points of the system that was supposed to make it unique was the feature packed gamepad. I like the gamepad as a controller but Nintendo has done a fairly lousy job at promoting it compared to the Wii Remotes.

Anyways, here’s the latest Fatal Frame trailer, plus a TV spot showing the gamepad being used in more detail:


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