This should be the easiest thing to understand in gaming but apparently it is not if you check certain forums or Twitter.

Bayonetta 2 is not coming to the PS4/XB1 because the people with the money bags didn’t want to fund the game to publish it. They didn’t think it would sell because the first one didn’t reach the lofty expectations of a Call of Duty or Destiny or whatever AAA+ multi-billion seller you wish to name.

Platinum Games is a developer, not a publisher. Publishers pay for games to be made and developers make those games. The level of freedom given to the developer is often at the mercy of the publisher. That is where there is an allure to indie development where you can be your own developer/publisher but that is an exception to the general rule.

Some don’t understand this very simple concept and continue to bother Hideki Kamiya at Platinum Games about it so he went to Twitter and laid out once again how game development and publishing works in the video game world.

While I am personally on the fence about the game, I’m finding myself leaning more towards picking one up just out of support. The nonsensical port begging and simple refusal to understand logic from some fanboys is getting tiresome just to read about, it’s like telling a child over and over again why they shouldn’t throw rocks at windows or touch the hot stove. I imagine the people at Platinum have to pull out whatever hair they have left over trying to understand why this is so difficult to get across.

I also found this gif online which explains it plainly, not sure who the credit should go to as to the creator. It’s sad it even has to be explained over and over again but maybe Doc can explain this where Kamiya can’t:



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