Continuing with my sort-of “daily” update posts for the week and Halloween stuff, here’s your next title:


Frankenstein’s Monster (Atari 2600)


I might be be cheating a little here as this wasn’t produced by Atari in any way but as far as I know, the Atari 2600 is the only place you can find this game so it is close enough.

This game was produced by Data Age and as a consumer spoiler, most of their games sucked. But for some odd reason, this one was excellent. In this game, you are a nameless hero who much work on the single screen layout (you could almost think of it as a Donkey Kong style platformer) to gather up pieces of a barrier to block off Frankenstein’s Monster from escaping once he is fully energized. The brick is located on the lower right part of the screen and once you get it to the top, you have to run through waves of fast moving bats to connect it. Each wave increases the difficulty with more/different monsters on the screen or changes in the platform itself. It’s not really complex by any means and it doesn’t look like much when watching it but playing the game is a lot of fun. The escape sequence is nice too, perhaps un-nerving thanks to the sound if your nerves are easily frayed or you are a kid.


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