So the latest Nintendo Direct happened yesterday and I caught some of it – with it airing during business hours there was the chance I was going to be sidetracked with having to work and of course things were fairly quiet until a few minutes after the direct started. Hurray.

Majora’s Mask 3D – I am interested in this so I have a chance to really play the game. I did miss out on the full experience back in the N64 days as I was busy playing whatever else, I didn’t have an N64 and my friends who did had games like Goldeneye, Shadows of the Empire or Hybrid Heaven and not Majora’s Mask. I’m not sure why that is, it just shook out that way I guess. Getting this with the 3D should be interesting, I assume it was chosen for the 3DS since the older graphics are probably going to port better to the smaller screen. Doing such a port to the WiiU in HD would likely be a bit of a nightmare.

Kirby & The Rainbow Curse – The first time I played Kirby was on the old B&W Game Boy with Kirby’s Dream Land. I took the money I had made from my little selling stand I had setup in the yard on our street and after scrapping together enough cash for it.  It was ok fun but I felt like all that saving was a bit wasted as I had finished the game that same evening. Yes games often were shorter back in those days but even then I was surprised and disappointed by how brief the game was. So whenever I see anything Kirby, that is what comes to mind. Granted, Kirby on the WiiU is not likely to be something you can finish in 45 mins. At least I hope not. Other than that, this looks like colorful fun although I am getting the sense that Nintendo is going to repeat 2014 – Kirby in February (Feb. 2014 had another platformer, Donkey Kong) and Splatoon being listed as “2nd quarter 2015” makes me think it will be their big game to release in May, like MK8 was this year. I know the Nintendo roster is larger for 2015 but that is the feeling I’m getting right off the bat. And 2014 for the most part has been fairly empty for the WiiU up until September.

Captain Toad – I know a few people who are almost losing their minds over getting this game. I’m not ‘there’ in that regard but it looks like fun. I imagine I will have this one around Christmas.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – I know I’m not helping myself here in admitting games I have not played but I have not played any of the Xenoblade games before. When I saw the preview of this in 2013 it already looked very interesting to me and was one reason I became sold on the WiiU. The preview shown here demonstrates that the game has come a long way,even since the E3 previews with improved textures and a frame rate. This looks like a lot of fun and it will certainly eat up a lot of my game time. My brother watched it and thought of Phantasy Star Online 2; either way open world JRPG fans are going to be greatly pleased by this whenever it comes out next year.

Splatoon – This was the best surprise of E32014 for me and with unveiling the single player game it is still holding up. The only complaint I have about this one so far is that it isn’t out right now – then again that would eat into Hyrule Warriors, which I am still playing the crap out of. That Adventure Mode is just too addicting. Anyways, this shows some new ideas with how the ink is being used, which looks to combine in such a way to elevate this game as the coolest and most unique 3rd person shooter that will be out there.

Smash Bros – I am not a rabid fan of Smash Bros, I have played the Wii version and the 3DS demo but I have not been following the new developments of this like many gamers have. I will pick this up but mostly because my friends will be playing it. There are some nice fan services going on here, especially with the Duck Hunt.

Otherwise – I was hoping they would show more – well anything – about Devil’s Third. That was panned by a lot of people when it was first shown for U but I watched the multiplayer content and found it to be pretty cool. I can’t imagine they will want this out around the same time as Splatoon but maybe they will be close to each other so that Nintendo pleases fans of 3rd person shooters in both E and M rated realms.

I’m not sure why anyone will pay $5 for Pikmin Short movies. I thought the game was excellent, a real winner in the U library but I dunno. I guess Nintendo will see if the modern video content creation business is going to get them anywhere or not.

Overall it was a nice direct, no “bombshells” at the end of the day but you don’t always need to explode the internet to get some traction.


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I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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