Please don’t suck, Please don’t suck, please don’t suck…

Assuming this will all end up as we’re being told, everything I have seen about this is looking good. It’s an ambitious project so one has to worry that you aren’t getting pulled in by the hype. There is so little in the way of good space games these days so it is also hard not to have expectations that might be a little out of whack. As they have said that there will be a PC version I am inclined to wait and see how that might work since my current PC already outclasses a PS4 and there are always mods with games like these which give the game a ton of extra life (see Skyrim).

And along those same lines of hype and “please don’t suck”..age:

Some of the whining I’ve heard about this is that the “world doesn’t look alive/populated enough” but there are a couple of things about that line of thinking I would have to counter with:

1) This is off-screen footage and they both point things out we cannot really see because of that, such as insect, animal life, fruit growing on trees, etc.

2) There are still several months of development to go on here so making a final judgement pass on the game at this point is silly

3) Take any open world game and you could do some footage where the world may look lifeless depending upon where you go, that kind of comes with the territory. Not every square inch of these games can be packed with ‘narrative progression’, NPCs, QTEs, etc.

As such, because this is so common in the criticism, look for the next footage to be taken from a Hyrulean town with the NPCs. Although I’m sure whining will be present about that too for some reason so whatever.

I like the thought of Zelda meets TES type games. They are putting a lot of focus into making the horse-riding important, the bullet time jump thing is interesting (and explains the first trailer too). I thought the grass effects, overall lighting and the animations on the wild horses was pretty neat(and since this isn’t a final build, who knows how things will change), something you would expect from Nintendo running on their A-game. My guess is that the grass part is the new ‘fur’ like they had with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.  It should be interesting to see what else they do to set it apart and I imagine it won’t be too much longer before we find out.




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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    The grass, oh god the grass. I wanna play in it.

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