So this afternoon on the social media wonderverse Twitter, a new hashtag managed to hit the trends for a time labeled as #WakeUpSony. This is because PSN is still inaccessible two days after Christmas when the hack attack began. Not only that but the hackers released personal data for thousands of consumers including passwords and Credit Card information.

Call me a little jaded towards hashtag campaigns to “drive change” – I refer you to #KONY2012 or #BringBackOurGirls or whichever other trends that come and go like a cup of hot chocolate in the Yukon, but are ultimately less satisfying. I can sympathize with consumers who bought a game console that demands that you be online to enjoy various features and that online portion isn’t working; I can also empathize with parents who spent a ton of money on these things for their kids to enjoy, only to have issues like this where it just won’t work. It is frustrating and the hackers themselves certainly deserve some blame. But so does Sony as this is not an isolated incident

Wayback Machine: 70 Million PSN Accounts Hacked

And you can’t avoid the news about the Sony film studios getting hacked and tons of personal data of the employees getting shared.

I get it that big companies are going to be targets and it wasn’t just Sony that suffered this latest attack, Microsoft’s Xbox Live was out for a little while too. Hack attacks do seem to be something we just have to deal with on our list of first-world problems but at the same time I wonder how many times is enough for consumers? They certainly have been very forgiving (on a sort of related note to that, look at how many Xbox 360s people went through). Personally I just got a PS3 as a gift but I do have to pause when it comes to wanting to put a credit card number on the machine. I certainly don’t feel like attempting to use PSN at all, seems less headache inducing to simply play disc games.

Really at the end of the day, if you want a company like Sony to change their attitude towards security I have a better suggestion then a hashtag: take the console back and buy a competitor’s product. It’s not like there aren’t other choices out there (Xbox One, WiiU, PC MASTER RACE, classic consoles that didn’t need online to work)and that hit to the bottom line goes a lot further than online outrage, which is available in every flavor imaginable and in quantities beyond imagination. Then maybe they would get truly serious about network security, which they are going to have to spend more resources on and get smarter about if they want to turn things around.



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