Not by me, by other people. Note in advance, some profanity in these

First, the shot by Redlettermedia as to what it is about modern gaming that bothers some of us, particularly gamers that have been at it since the 80s. This covers similar ground to The Last Us rant from a little while back; another game that comes to my mind was the first Chronicles of Riddick game for the original Xbox. After I slogged through that, I felt no need to do so again, no matter how pretty it looked at the time. I felt more immersed in the Riddick story by watching one of the actual movies than playing the game and it took less time.  In case any devs are confounded by the ‘hate’ that is out there, this video chat gets to the core of that. Making your movie/game a multi-hour hand holding tutorial isn’t immersive, it is condescending. It has become the mainstay of gaming however, with those games dominating the sales charts. While writing this post, a name came to me to describe these games, which I will christen the QuickTime ‘Em Up.  You heard it here first!:

I think one solution for some games would be to make Hard difficulty remove all prompts or just offer an option to shut them off. That won’t work for everything though.

This is followed by the chaser of the latest QuickTime ‘Em Up, The Order 1886. The devs have been doing some damage control interviews and that has generated a response like this.

There has been a lot of marketing hype for this game over this past week but not everyone is happy given that it is a single player game that apparently can be completed in just under six hours (the PlayMeThrough playlist where that walkthrough was posted has been removed as of this writing). Without any multiplayer, convincing people that a heavily scripted QTE experience is replayable is an uphill battle. You would probably have better luck doing so with a Kirby game. I normally don’t look at Metacritic stuff but it is kind of amusing to browse through just the snippets here and see where some outlets call a spade a spade, while others are convinced that  QuickTime ‘Em Ups is what constitutes “immersion” so they eat it up anyways. Granted, as the PreRec video states, its more about the numbers than the philosophy of games at the end of the day and since interactive movies are what the people want from big budget houses, that is what they will get.

What are your thoughts on QuickTime ‘Em Ups? Are they the Bane of Gaming or The Best Thing Evar to happen to games? Or do you just not care? 😛

UPDATE: Pre-Rec takes on The Order 1886. Strong language and spoiler warning – suffice it to say, they don’t care for it very much at all…



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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Not only do they have no appeal from a gaming perspective, they only work ONCE out of surprise, then you see it coming every time and it just serves as one more button to move on.

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