Sorry about the lack of posts here lately – between working two jobs, one my arcade business and a 3rd sorta-job with the Arcade Heroes blog, I haven’t found a lot of time to spend on cooking up posts, especially after burning myself out on NUON post recently, which took forever and a day to compile. So I will lazy things up with a post about games I’ve found some time to spend on, even if it is just a few minutes:

EDIT: I forgot that towards the beginning of Feb. I was playing Minimum; I also overlooked that I picked up Metroid Prime Trilogy for the WiiU eShop and was playing through the first one a little but so many games and so little time has led me away from being consistent on that.

X:8 (Atari 800XL) – A little while back my CF-to-USB adapter broke with a couple of the pins bending in the reader. I’ve always hated cards that used a bunch of pins in either side of the connector since that is bound to happen. But with some patience and a pair of small screwdrivers, I was able to bend it back into place and load up some games to play on my Atari 800XL again. As a part of the semi-recent ABBUC 2013 contest, a very impressive scrolling shooter was submitted there called X:8. Given the hardware it is almost unbelieveable to see on stock hardware – solid frame rate with smooth scrolling, lots of enemies on the screen, a soundtrack and plenty of colors.

Earth Defense Force 2025 (PS3) – I realize that it probably sounds like I’m a total PlayStation hater from my posts, especially recent ones but I will play games regardless of the platform and I have a PS3 which I picked up from a friend recently. I don’t really have any games for it yet but my son discovered that a new EDF came out about a year ago and so he started begging me non-stop to get it. Since my Xbox 360 was being borrowed by my brother I decided to grab it and check it out. Unfortunately the 1st controller I got for it broke after using it once (hurray 3rd party Nyko) so I haven’t been able to use it a whole lot.

It is amusing that for ignoring Insect Armageddon as canon, there are a lot of ideas they ‘borrow’ from IA, minus the idea of keeping the frame rate solid. That said if you enjoyed EDF2017 I can’t see how you can go wrong here, it is improved in various ways beyond the graphics, with difference classes, levels for weapons, hilarious rag doll physics, blood, improved audio, no more sprites for the items, more levels and so on. The only other bothersome thing is the really long load times. 2017 had some long ones but I almost felt like I could take a short nap while waiting for 2025 to load.

Hyrule Warriors (WiiU) – I still can’t get enough of this game, grinding for items on the Adventure Quest maps hasn’t gotten old for me yet, although the extra maps provided by DLC certainly helps. I do wish the DLC would include new locations for the maps instead of recycling the same ones over and over but my GOTY 2014 is my 2015 so far given how much I’ve been playing it. My 5 year old daughter also loves playing it too, she’s asking me to play every morning where she can level up Lana. Here’s a video from the European version where they have the Boss Pack DLC already

I also gave Wii Party U a spin this afternoon with the family. I wish that had online but for my family it works out great.

Strider (PC) – I haven’t spent a ton of time on this one since I got it in January but I can say that it is a solid game from what I’ve played, much more like the NES version of Strider than the arcade build. Nice graphics and plenty to explore.

Assault (Arcade) – Not MAME imitation but bonafide original hardware. I came across a guy that is sorta local that was selling one at a great price so I had to pick it up. It worked great, aside from a break in one of the joystick triggers which I will get soon. I wish they still made games like this for the arcade. It marks the 3rd tank arcade game I have in my possession, following BattleZone and Allied Tank Attack.

I think that wraps it up for now. There is a test game I have been playing that I can’t talk about yet but hopefully that embargo will be lifted soon. It’s an arcade game though so I will be talking about it more on Arcade Heroes than here.


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