No this isn’t the hot spot for the latest E3 news, but I’m going to share some quick thoughts anyways while distilling down what I can. 😛 EDIT: I meant to post this last night but a massive lightning storm rolled through the area so I went on hiatus.

This is one of the better comments to sum up a lot of this gaming generation:

That kind of applies to Microsoft as well but for how popular the PS4 has been, I have wondered what was driving a lot of sales because it certainly wasn’t software in this case. Must just be the name and not costing $600. With Nintendo “winning” E3 last year by many accounts, it is interesting to see what everyone follows up with in the attempt to “win” it for themselves…I don’t care as long as strong competition means good games and variety.

Oh and some of this really upset the SJW mob, who wants you to conform with their idiotic and boring ideas of progressive fun; not for any purpose of noble self-shaping but because they are better than you, and they know it.

On that note, this NSFW look at Shadow Warrior 2, which has been sort of overlooked amid all the other game talk and announcements out there:

Microsoft – Decent job at patching up the horrible launch of the Xbox One from forever ago. But certainly could be too little too late, all the focus on Windows 10 also kind of shows that they know that PC gaming is going strong. There just isn’t a whole lot of exclusive gaming to find on consoles since so much of it is going to PC (Nintendo excepted).  I still recall the snark over backwards compatibility but suddenly the tune changes when it is realized that hey, maybe when people upgrade they like using their new console instead of swapping back over to the old hardware all the time – of course in the case of the 360, that also is assuming the junk still works and that you aren’t one of the faithful on your 20th 360 at this point. I still use BC on my old consoles – since the Atari 7800 works for that, I usually just keep it connected as opposed to reconnecting the 2600 and same thing with the Wii/WiiU.

Elite controller – Meh, changing the components like that isn’t something I’d pay that price tag for but its probably a good bone to through to the faithful.

Halo 5 – I haven’t given Halo much thought for a long time and the overuse of the word ‘epic’ became cringe-worthy fast but admittedly the Warzone multiplayer does look cool.

Fallout 4 – I haven’t played Fallout 3 in quite a while but the most enticing thing they announced was the mods for PC will work on the X1 (plus no cost). Since so many ‘exclusives’  happen to be on PC as well, more games should do this, otherwise there isn’t much point to picking the console version, in my view. The character interaction in next gen games is something that does show off the benefits of that next gen hardware and design.

Dark Souls 3 – I still need to play through the first properly and check out the second. Well, at least I have plenty of time since 3 isn’t coming out until next year 😛

EA – Yawn. I’m not really into their games so didn’t care about their Early Access stuff (don’t have an X1 or XBLG right now anyways)

Tomb Raider – Yawn again, never been big on TR. But I see many are upset that this is an X1 game and not coming to PS4 (given how many titles are PS4/PC like SF5, not much room to whine).

Forza 6 – Never really played the Forza games but it is still something for X1 users to have this year at least.

Cuphead – I love the animation on this one, that combined with the scrolling shooter qualities helps it stand out in the sea of indie games.

Rare Replay – I kind of wonder why they didn’t do this a long time ago. Better late than never, once again.

Sea of Thieves – I’m not big on MMOs but this looks interesting and hey, a new IP. Nice color when you are out in the lit parts of the world:

Fable Legends (PC as well) – I dunno, I got caught up in the hype the first time around and never bothered again.

Hololens – They seem to have given up on Kinect in many ways but Hololens certainly has the potential to make up for that…unless they only go as far as a couple of games with it. Still, I think the potential of AR/MR is more interesting that VR so this was a good preview (and showing it with one of the most popular games of our age was a great idea for that boost)

Gears 4 – Maybe by Holiday 2016 they’ll add more than two lights to the whole scene so you can see something other than an 80% black screen.

Sony – They just need to keep the momentum going and their event seems to have done plenty of that…excepting the fact that still so many of the games they keep hyping up are for for 2016 or 2017 (or will also have PC builds).

Final Fantasy VII Remake – So now the “reason to buy a PS2 over a Dreamcast” is finally here! Oh….wait…no it was the reason to buy a PS3! Oh…still not right…ok the reason to buy a PS4!

I’ve been hearing people claim that EVERY TIME a PlayStation console was announced so it will be nice to finally get this out of the way as it always was an absurd reason given that there was never a straight up announcement that it was happening(I remember one guy I worked with took it further into Sony will dominate everything and have Halo and Mario games on the PS3, just you wait! He was a tad deluded/not very good at the troll thing). Funny how many prefer 8 or 9 over it now and it won’t be a PlayStation exclusive like this was 1999.

The Last Guardian – Patience can pay off, especially if you were hoping to get this game 5, 6 or 7 years ago. I can’t say that it looks like it is worth that long of a wait and if it is as long as The Order 1886 expect the pitchforks 😛

No Man’s Sky – New footage of this, which is hoping to do its part in revitalizing the space game genre. Judging from this, I think it will do just fine in that regard, the scale is amazing and to borrow the favorite word from MS’s conference, ‘epic’ 😛 From my social media though, no one is talking about this one, it’s all the IPs that have an established name already :/

Horizon Zero Dawn – Interesting looking world but the protagonist that talks to herself the whole time might wear thin really fast…not to mention apologizing to an enemy she just killed in one sentence while proclaiming how nice of a day it is for a hunt in the next. Maybe its all about dealing with cognitive dissonance, I dunno.

Street Fighter V – Street Fighter fans sound happy about this, I’m not digging the dark manga art too much but it will probably change several times as Capcom evolves it like they have every other SF.

Destiny – Haven’t played this one so don’t have much to say. I did notice that everyone stopped talking about it about 2 weeks after launch, which is typical so the new expansion pack might drum that up again for a time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – This probably will keep the CoD faithful interested but with other FPS games coming along to flex their muscle it is getting tougher for them to demonstrate why you should bother to continue the investment. This franchise needs a little rest IMO.

Uncharted 4 – Not played this series either so I dunno. Looks cool, when it works. 😛

Shenmue 3 – I have to eat a little crow as I was joking earlier today that I’d be playing this myth on my Dreamcast 2 but hey, there it is. Why they are crowd-funding it though is odd, I get that Sega and Sony have their financial troubles but you’d think they could float the $4mil needed for the game without much thought. Using Kickstarter when you are a mega-corporation smells funny but I guess its a great way to poll your users and find out if ‘the hype is real’ or not. About an hour ago it blew past $1mil in that department in record time, then $2m so yeah, looks like the fans put their money where their mouths are. Queue Sega using KS for reviving all sorts of old IP now (or brace yourselves for hearing talk of “let’s do it for the Dreamcast 2” but they’d need a goal of $4B to make that close to feasible). Kudos to Sony for taking this up either way, its good hype for the PS4. I’m actually surprised they didn’t end the conference on this announcement, seems like the perfect way to do so. Although I don’t think the game as shown in this trailer was all that hot – really bad voice acting and awkward looking character actions, ACTIVATE!

Now, will the game fit into expectations? Probably not BUT it is Yu Suzuki at the helm so that is something. You give something this long to fester and you are going to end up with a lot of disappointed people no matter what you do since they will have created their own expectations (like TRON and TRON Legacy). I won’t make any friends by saying this but I never caught on to why this was so loved. I played 2 a little but it didn’t blow me away at the time. I need to revisit the games but what has been shown of 3 so far shows that it has a really long way to go, compared to what is being produced – the animations and voice acting of many titles shown in this post above are generations ahead of Shenmue but this probably will be along in late 2016 or 2017 so they have time (and now plenty of money) to make it work.


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