I remember being in elementary school and learning about historical events where a public mob, generally egged on by some politicians who stood to gain something from the event, held very public book burnings. Those books were controversial or offensive or in some way made people uncomfortable. You might remember seeing them in famous films too, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Much like the Holocaust, people would say “never again”. Well, time to put your money where your mouth is because in addition to religion based genocide being more fashionable than ever in the Middle East, we’ve brought book burnings back too! Now all hashtagged up and driven to a fever pitch by self-righteous, social justice digital mobs! DOWN WITH YOUR EVIL HATE FILLED VIDEO GAMES!



I have never cared for Civil War games, nor have I owned or wanted to own a Confederate Flag but this is insanity, the modern equivalent to burning books. As the developers point out, Apple doesn’t seem to have an issue with selling movies that depict historical symbols or events that might “offend” some precious snowflake out there. Of course Apple isn’t the only company that is showing how big of a hypocrite they happen to be,  Amazon and other stores are rushing to one-up the others with the ban hammer while maintaining sales of products that have been used as symbols of hate (you know, that Che Guevara guy murdered a lot of people in name of his politics but his merchandise line is still going strong. He had the right kind of hate and murder though, mob approved!).

Now do these companies have the right to remove any product from their stores? Absolutely. Businesses should be able to sell or to not sell whatever it is they want. But lets not kid ourselves here over their naked hypocrisy and/or lack of a spine. This does demonstrate that some forms of hate are more equal than others and that the digital mob wields a level of power that should be sobering to anyone that likes living in an allegedly “free country”.

Careful, this game might offend you so much for portraying a historical event that you might go on a rampage or something! Or you might learn, which is not an Approved Correct Thought. 

Hating on free speech and expression, scrubbing uncomfortable history is obviously making some feel better about themselves for a short time but this is a phenomenon called mob rule. It isn’t anything new, just the method of the mob becoming organized through social media is fresh. The hatred, stupidity and the results are ending up the same, one notch at a time. Those on this bandwagon are repeating the same history of people and groups that have done some incredibly horrifying and brutal things. Of course none of these people will study history and find that the mob rule that gave us book burnings, preceded far worse atrocities. This stuff builds on itself, becoming far more brutal as the mob discovers that problems still exist, so they become more comfortable taking on harsher measures. It is far easier to ignore that and keep up your indignation, at least until the mob turns on you for not conforming to think the Approved Correct Thoughts.

Enjoy The Mob Approved Utopia, 2015!


About Shaggy

I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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