So today I found out that someone in Hollywood is finally resurrecting the cult classic The Last Starfighter but instead of giving it a movie release(as has been rumored for many years), they are developing it as a TV show. Unfortunately in the same headline where I learned that information, I also learned that who ever is in charge of it apparently doesn’t understand what the whole point of nostalgia-driven marketing is all about. Fewer people would go and watch Pixels if it had nothing but generic knock-offs of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede and Q*Bert; I can’t really see what the point of watching The Last Starfighter will be if you decide to remove a core element from it. Here’s the headline that tells you all you need to know:

The Last Starfighter TV Series Drops the Video Game Angle

I mean, let me get this straight – video games are more popular now then at any time in history; they can be found anywhere you have electricity and a display. And the geniuses in Hollywood have decided that they are going to drop that core angle which would appeal to broad swaths of interested viewers to instead focus on “alien law enforcement”.

Go ahead and land that facepalm!


Perhaps they feel that the video game used as a recruitment tool for a military operation was bad taste or something as I saw a lot of people get upset at that angle back when America’s Army was turned into an arcade game. I can’t say there was any proof whatsoever that the arcade game converted millions to become soldiers but even if it did recruit someone, that’s their personal choice – I don’t hold it against anyone who makes that decision to serve their country as I have many friends and family which have done that even without a video game. Regardless whether that angle is there or not, it really wouldn’t be hard to integrate video games into the LSF universe – unless this is another dumb prequel idea, you could always say that Alex Rogan’s heroism inspired the Rylos culture to be infused with fun arcade games and arcades. Eh, whatever. I’m not a Hollywood genius so I guess they’ll make a gutted version of it work! Get ready for Alien Nation with Gunstars!


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    This pisses me off so bad, I just wanna shoot a Zando-Zan!

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