I was really on the fence about picking up the Super Mario Maker game that was released for the Nintendo WiiU just a few days ago but with a group of kids at my house looking for something new to play, it sort of turned into an impulse buy. I didn’t get any time to fool around with it until yesterday and in this short time my lukewarm stance on  it has certainly changed. As the title of this post suggests – this is the launch title that the WiiU should’ve had back when the console came out in 2012.

Don’t get me wrong, Nintendoland was a nice title that helped show off the capabilities of the system but it did lack that little extra something to give the console the momentum that something like Wii Sports had. But if Nintendo had SMM ready back then, I would say that this was the stronger game to start off with. While you can use a Wiimote to create levels, the gamepad is the better tool to use and they use everything except for the gyros (granted, Amiibos were not ready at launch so that aspect would have been lost).

Both Nintendoland and Super Mario Maker appeal to nostalgia of older players to some degree while offering the new but SMM has the advantage of grabbing onto both the building/creative aspect of gaming that has made Minecraft a huge hit along with the social aspects of sharing your creations with other users. Regardless of the quality of the levels, just the fact that you can to share those creations is the modern ‘word of mouth’.

Now they do have a WiiU package out now that does include SMM as the pack-in game which is nice, it’s just hard to say how that might help at this point when NX is around the corner. (I imagine a price drop around October would prove far more beneficial at this point since the U has a pretty strong library of good games to promote). Or maybe I’m wrong – what do you think? Is Super Mario Maker a game that is out at the right time or should it have been earlier?

In case anyone is interested, two efforts I’ve managed to crank out without enough time on my hands to craft “fine” levels:

Mild Enough – (more classic in overall feel): FE85-0000-003B-2675

Bomb ‘Em Up – (attempting a shmup): 8344-0000-003D-2CA4


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I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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