Busy, busy, busy…that’s the name of the game for me lately. Due to personal finances I am not able to enjoy the new Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (although I’ve heard mixed feedback from that, particularly on how it is still just a port of the PSP version on the assets, letterboxing on the Another Chronicle port; zero online co-op play). Also not enthusiastic about the price of $50 so I’ll wait for a sale. Besides, I’m not really in a rush – I have the arcade version sitting in front of me with dual screen built in and a great sound system. Speaking of Darius, I have this awesome Darius inspired Wheel of Fish t-shirt for sale 😛

Aside from that, I wanted to share this little bit of news I caught from a Tweet that has a video showing the upcoming Raiden V for the Xbox One. I don’t have an Xbox One but it is good for MS that they are getting these exclusives in the face of the PS4. I was discussing that with a friend recently who owns both and he is astounded to a degree how the X1 has more exclusives for it than the PS4 has…not that such a thing seems to be an issue for PS4 sales for now. Personally that matters and it is a reason I like the WiiU a lot since it has some great exclusives that aren’t all Nintendo IP but that isn’t moving the needle like Nintendo needs this generation.

Anyways, tangents aside, Raiden V. I don’t recall the story/background of Raiden but I also don’t recall the fighter craft being assigned countries so that is new to me.  It is sad to me that as this celebrates the Raiden series that apparently no arcade version is in the works, although perhaps they will change their minds at least for NESiCAxLIVe at some point (Taito’s arcade network where you can download games to an arcade cabinet). The HD upgrade here reflects a change in the screen real estate as Raiden III and Raiden IV were both designed for Taito’s Type X and X2 PC-based arcade hardware and vertical oriented monitors. Most console users are never going to turn their TV on its side for that pure arcade experience so they might as well make adjustments to the image most players will use anyways.

Any thoughts on what we see so far?


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I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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  1. Furry Fox Jet Pilot says:

    I’m curious to see how the characters will look and how they will tie into this, seeing how it’s a first for the series. I also counted at least 30 stages in the list, which is more than any Raiden game has ever had! I’m also liking the fact that each of the 3 aircraft are being produced by a different country, and the fact that real countries were mentioned kind of gives us something to relate to.The story basically deals with an invasion of Earth by an alien race known as the Cranassians, your typical shooter story.

    • Shaggy says:

      Agreed that the extra touches of countries and stages should help this out on the wider market. The fact that shmups haven’t brought on those elements into more games might be something that reflects their poorer performance on the market when it comes to competing with other genres in the modern game industry.

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