I’ll take this opportunity to veer off on a non-video game topic, that of Star Trek. Sure Star Wars is coming along this week and everyone is losing their minds over that – I can’t think of anything worth adding there. One thing that happened today was the launch of the Star Trek Beyond trailer, which is going to be attached to the front of Star Wars 7; thanks to a leak of the German version of this trailer, Paramount went ahead and put it up online early.

It seems that not everyone was pleased with it!

Having watched every episode from every series, all of the movies and collected a number of ST items, I’m a Trekkie. I’m nowhere near the level of what you find on documentaries like Trekkies as I like the show but I don’t eat/sleep/breathe it. Still, I know my way around Trek and have had plenty of completely nerdy conversations about it over the years.

For a quick thought on the trailer, I’m not going to lather it with praise just because it is Trek – I do not care for the Beastie Boys and using a song of theirs through this reminds me of Star Trek Enterprise’s opening sequence that used a vocal track instead of the epic orchestral (here’s a funny rendition of the ENT opening with BB’s Intergalactic song, to make the point; so far I have not found a cut of the Beyond trailer that replaced the BB track but I’m sure one will pop-up soon). But that’s my only real gripe. Beyond that, it shows action and enough of the setting to make me curious and it is obvious that it is going to look good. I hope the color scheme stays in place as that is certainly better than dreary.

In reading comments from other Trekkies not just on Youtube but Trek fan sites, many are claiming to write off the series for now and that its no longer the Trek they love. That can be fair if you want to base it off the poor performance of the IP over the past 15 years or so but if you are going to do it based on a 90 second trailer, well that isn’t very open-minded now is it and I’ve been told that Trekkies are the most open-minded fans in the universe. Well, until they get online apparently.

It is the *first* teaser for the film. It is best to keep in mind that trailers are marketing tools that quite often use misdirection to drum up interest – no one thought that Star Wars I would suck based on the trailers we all watched and yet passing final judgement on a film that isn’t even done yet is still a cool thing to do. Granted if this trailer was unveiling major plot points/spoilers or was a complete Cliff Notes breakdown of the final movie then I could understand the harsh reaction a little better. But this was an action montage, not the trailer for Terminator Genisys. Could ST:Beyond suck? Sure, there’s always a risk there. But it could be good so why not just wait and make your final opinion then?

Let’s imagine for a moment that the Beyond trailer followed the same formulas that these original Trek trailers did. For my tongue-in-cheek poking, some of these are paraphrases of comments I’ve seen online about the Beyond trailer:

The Motion Picture – Pfft, what is the slow-paced bore fest! You guys are supposed to make a  “shut down the internet” trailer, not circle jerk that only hardcore trek nerds care about!

Star Trek II- Geez, spoil the villain,  his motivations and the big space battle why don’t you? Doesn’t the director know that Trek is about deep thoughts and not about seeing ACTION or explosions or revenge???

Star Trek III – THEY DESTROY THE ENTERPRISE???????eleventy?? Paramount, the writers and the director obviously has no respect for the Great Lady.

Star Trek IV – So no Enterprise or crew? So Star Trek is a comedy now? So they are using clips from the obvious climax of the movie? SO WHAR’S MAH DEEP THOUGHTS?????

Star Trek V – I’m seeing action mixed with witty one-liners again. Star Trek is dead to me!

Star Trek VI – I didn’t catch a single whit of Roddenberry’s grandiose utopian vision of the future human race. PASS!

Star Trek Generations – Captain Kirk would never use some old transportation technology to get around, those idiots at Paramount obviously don’t care about Trek.  And what’s with the faces montage combined with action? That isn’t Roddenberry’s vision of the future!

Star Trek First Contact – Here we go again, yet another action montage. Clearly Star Trek is running on fumes so you won’t see me at the theaters for this one.

Star Trek Insurrection – This was abysmal. No story. No characters. Just ACTION and a lot of explosions. Being the #1 action movie in America might work for dreck like Transformers but not Star Trek.

Star Trek Nemesis – You call this Star Trek? It’s trying too hard to be hip and comes off as uninspired. This shows how Roddenberry’s grand vision is on life support once again. 

What is going on with Trek fandom is starting to look like this joke posted about the Zelda series (language warning)


Let’s end on this for now with a reminder that when the original pilot of The Cage was shown to NBC, they didn’t like it because it was ““too cerebral”, “too intellectual”, and “too slow” with “not enough action”.” The series got a major overhaul to be more action oriented and we ended up with the TOS that everyone loved – which still had enough there to hook people onto it without Roddenberry’s TNG-era humanist utopia at play.



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