UPDATE: It’s dead Jim. Coleco wisely pulls their support from this sad joke

ORIGNAL POST: When you’ve been on the internet since the days of it being text-based or even those wild times with Netscape, then you’ve seen your share of hoaxes, scams and/or failed promises come along in the game sector. In the Atari community, plenty of that came along in the post-Jaguar life revival circa 1998-99 (console was officially dead but a few intrepid companies were still releasing games for it). Just say Dark Knight Games to anyone that’s been around since then and they will know what I’m talking about.

For something that is a new scam or along those lines that is also related to Atari is the Coleco Chameleon. I mentioned it on here a while back and it’s just a couple of posts below but it has turned out to be a real mess. First you can catch up with this video here, which details how it was discovered to be using an off-the-shelf DVR card in the pictures:

Then follow that with the latest news that they are suspending their Kickstarter and launch ‘indefinitely’. If it is legit, and something that just got out of control from someone naive about how to launch new hardware then one could certainly feel pity but otherwise there isn’t any reputation left for RetroVGS…now damaging Coleco. At the very least the Atari brand itself dodged this bullet – with only the Jaguar shell getting caught up in this crossfire. But if you are going to go to the lengths of creating a new console, realize that it is going to take a lot

What do you think of this?


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