This past Sunday was the 39th anniversary to one of the greatest video game consoles ever made, the Atari 2600. Sure it had limitations and as with any popular game system, quite a few bad games. But it had a lot of great games that are still fun to play today. The graphics and sounds it produces are iconic (as a reminder to everyone that there is no such thing as 8-bit graphics, the 2600 was just as much an 8-bit machine as the NES) and show that you don’t need photorealism for a game to be fun.

To celebrate, I made this video showcasing 39 awesome Atari 2600 games. Enjoy:


About Shaggy

I addition to my professional work in the arcade industry which has ranged from operator to consultant, I like to write about other subjects that interest me as well...if I can find the time.

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