Well, well, well. It was only the other day (the post before this one) that I posted some evidence regarding the current state of that scam known as “Atari” and so quickly we get to see that verified:

We sent a vulture to find the relaunched Atari box – and all he got was this lousy baseball cap [Offsite link @ The Register]

It’s all laid to bare in that article – what I am calling the Atari VCS/Box so as to not confuse anyone with the actual Atari 2600 VCS from ages past is nothing more than an empty shell. It’s rich that the team behind it (whether that’s just one guy or if there are others) tries to compare it to a rocket launch – kudos to the writers of The Register for calling them out on their brazen BS.

BONUS: With the Indiegogo campaign, more of this came to light:

If you have any sense or honor at all, don’t waste your money on this thing. Yes, they did get a few million dollars from morons who will buy anything with an Atari sticker on it, but they ended up hiring a proper hardware guy after getting funding, using the goodwill of their name to fund  what is essentially the beginning of this whole thing. By the time this console is released in 2019, you’re not going to get anything that is cutting edge. I also have to laugh at those who think that having 8GB of RAM will magically make it all better…not so much in a system that has many components.

Here’s something a little more up-to-date:

Even when Atari of days past showed off hardware (such as the Mindlink, the Cosmos, the Panther, the JagDuo and so on), there was at least something there beyond a shell – schematics, developer kits, working prototype hardware, software in the works, etc. That wasn’t the case with the GDC 2018 appearance where the attitude was more like: ‘let’s hype up this idea for a console, run a scam through Indiegogo to pad our pockets then retire while laughing our way to the bank.’

It’s an incredible shame that Atari is now synonymous for a scam. Hopefully, karma will be biting them in their pompous arses soon enough.

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