We’ve had another lengthy hiatus on here, but it’s time to revive things here as apparently Arcryphon Games has hit the big time – I’ve been quoted on a new game release! Thanks to TAKS for the recognition.

As to what this is about, I covered something that is a bit niche on the blog some time ago, a hybrid DVD player game console known as the NUON. In that article, I also discussed one of the platform’s formerly exclusive games, Freefall 3050 A.D. To my surprise, a PC version of that game was more than just a test – it was apparently in the works for PC and the original XBOX, but was shelved as the creator Tony Takoushi went on to do other things.

Fast forward to today and that formerly unreleased version has been finished and released for the PC! You can find it on Steam here (where Arcryphon Games is quoted! Thank you).

I only found out about this yesterday, where I’ve been extremely busy with some work stuff and have not been able to download this yet. But it’s only $3 – if you like original, unique, action-packed games, then it should be a no-brainer. I will be downloading soon and doing a proper review (which will also have to include breaking out the old NUON to compare). Judging by the videos, the UI has changed, the textures look much nicer, we’ve got a modern resolution and the game runs at 60 fps.

There is also a version that has been released to the original XBOX. Check out this video with more details:

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