I am a gamer who has worked professionally in various positions in the industry. My primary focus has been arcades where I both own The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT (which has been in business since 2008) and I have worked in Home, Commercial and FEC Sales for BMI Worldwide Inc. on the side since 2011.  I have published a book about arcades called The Arcade Experience: A Look At Modern Arcades And Why They Still Matter; I also have had many articles published in magazines like Hardcore Gamer Magazine and  Replay Magazine. I have been informally consulted on game design by arcade game makers a few times and I may expand on that in the future.

This blog is to cover news and thoughts about gaming that don’t belong on Arcade Heroes. The focus of that site is exclusive to arcade/pinball items, as it should be. So much of modern game “journalism” completely ignores the arcade sector, throwing them a bone once in a blue moon and I am proud to say that Arcade Heroes has become the main source for industry news. But I enjoy home video games a lot too and since I enjoy writing, that is where this blog comes into the picture.

So I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Hugo Anderholm. I’m doing a article about NUON for VICE gaming.

    I’m stoked to find your blog! Castle NUON must have been an amazing time.. would love to talk about it with you plus
    I would love to discuss the place NUON could have had on the market.

    Let me know!

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