I am a gamer who has worked professionally in various positions in the industry, particularly the arcade side of things. I spend a lot of time analyzing arcade products, writing about them, filming them, documenting their ins-and-outs, and noting history in the industry.  I also run a real arcade business, so in addition to the daily requirements that has, I watch people of all kinds play games all day long. I have studied game history, primarily Atari, but plenty of Sega and Nintendo. I am dabbling some in game development, but other necessities are still leaving that to the side.

Thoughts here are my own, no one has endorsed this blog or paid my to say anything one way or the other.

Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Hugo Anderholm. I’m doing a article about NUON for VICE gaming.

    I’m stoked to find your blog! Castle NUON must have been an amazing time.. would love to talk about it with you plus
    I would love to discuss the place NUON could have had on the market.

    Let me know!

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