Reminder: Atari Crowdscammed People On A Gaming Smartwatch Too

Last year, newslines were all excited about the teasing to come out of Atari regarding plans for a new Atari 2600 themed microconsole called the Ataribox (now, rechristened as the Atari VCS). Since then, very little has come along about this machine which they want to charge $300 for. Next to no information on the games, just a little on features such as four USB ports, a re-designed CX-40 joystick and that it would run on Linux. They were supposed to begin a crowdfunding campaign for it back on Dec. 14th 2017 but when that date arrived, some lame excuse was offered up online and it was quietly put on the backburner. But hey, they still have an Indiegogo placeholder page

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New Aliens Game Coming To PC, Consoles

You likely heard the news about this yesterday but I just wanted to throw my two cents in about this really quick. I’m looking forward to it as the franchise has generally done well with video games (Colonial Marines excepted). Story is here.

It will be interesting to see how this goes in case the Disney buyout of Fox goes through (i.e., we’ll see if Disney doesn’t also manage to completely ruin that franchise too).

I happen to know someone at Cold Fire Studios who is working on this but nothing exclusive to share on the blog yet. 😛 I just know that it won’t be an arcade title (which some people keep asking for; if one of those happens, it will probably be Play Mechanix again).

New Console Gaming Channel: Castle Of The Games

Well hello there. It’s been another long while since I touched this blog. You know how it is. Life, yada, yada, yada and so on.

My kids have been typical of the current generation that loves watching “Youtubers” play games and they’ve been itching to do a channel. But, they lack the age required to do that, along with the expertise in capturing & editing videos together. Granted, I’m not exactly an expert in the audio department but I’ve learned my way around a video editor. Under my wing, we’ve started a new gaming channel called Castle of the Games.

That seemed to be the only name that we could all agree upon. It’s also a play on my favorite game for Windows 3.1, Castles of the Winds.

It may be a little random as we have stuff from Atari & Nintendo there but I’m wanting to throw on some ol’ PC-DOS, Dreamcast and Original Xbox stuff too. Maybe even the NUON.

For now I’ve opted not to do the channel on YouTube as they’ve been anti-Creator in their zeal to censor opinions they don’t like. Even my Arcade Heroes channel has been getting affected by YTs stupid new algorithms. In looking for alternatives, seems to genuinely appreciate creators so for the moment we’re trying them out exclusively.

Not long after I published this, gave up the ghost so YouTube it is. I have considered Dailymotion although that hasn’t seemed to really nab any growth (I’m surprised they are still around to be honest). There are some other, smaller alternatives out there but nothing that looks like it’s good for family content at the moment.

Here’s the latest episode, Spelunker Party for the nintendo Switch Give us a follow and feedback on what you’d like to see:


The Potential of the CoJag Hardware

At first I thought that this might be better suited to the confines of Arcade Heroes since it ultimately is about more content for arcades. But I’m not sure that readers there are too interested in my Atari rants. So we’ll keep it here.

Sorry about the delay in updates BTW. I’ve been very busy with life and when life gets busy, hobby blogs take a backseat. Even Arcade Heroes has taken a back seat as I remodel a new store to move my business into but that is finally calming down.


The Atari Jaguar is an oft maligned game system, in part because of arguments over it’s  ‘bitness’, in others over the quality of games it had. It did have several great games for it but to have become a success, it needed more of those plus more depth to many titles that gamers were expecting at the time. It just came at a strange time in the business, much like the 3DO and it ended up being Atari’s last new game system.

Atari was working on the Jaguar 2 – a backwards compatible system that was allegedly “2 to 4 times more powerful that the PlayStation”. It would have resolved some of the Jaguar’s hardware bugs while upgrading some components from 32-bit to 64-bit and some others from 64-bit to 128-bit. Prototypes have been found but alas, it was canned before completion so we’ll never know what was to be, unless you want to count the NUON as a sorta Jaguar 2.

That said, there was a Jaguar 1.5 – the CoJag. Developed by Atari Games (the arcade company and not technically part of Atari Corp., the home division), it powered AG’s biggest hit of the 90s, Area 51. It also powered Maximum Force and some unreleased games: Freeze (puzzle game), Fishing Frenzy, 3 on 3 basketball and Vicious Circle (1v1 fighter).

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Latest Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer

I haven’t forgotten I have this blog. But I also haven’t really had the time or focus to spend on this when my main thing is arcades and trying to put food on the table through that via various means.

So to show I am still paying some attention to the wonderful world of console video games, the latest Zelda trailer:

No Man’s Sky Learns What It Is Like To Visit The Digital Landfill

Everyone knows the legendary story of how Atari Inc. buried millions of unsold games in the New Mexico desert.

I have a feeling that the next game to find a burial somewhere (land or sea) is going to be No Man’s Sky. It certainly is experiencing a digital burial with all of the refunds that Steam is having to issue.

This was sent to me by a friend:


I had been excited about No Man’s Sky, an indie made video game for PS4/PC that was offering up plenty of promises in the run up to release. Admittedly, I was letting myself buy into the hype although I did avoid buying the game until I saw how everything would fallout.

And fallout it did. (this was taken a few days ago when the game reached “Mostly Negative” status on Steam)


Granted, it has become cool to hate the game at this point but that is the fault of the developers who suffered from inflated ego syndrome and a media eager to create a clickbait hero. Various developers have learned why you should be honest in marketing your game but not enough. At this point, No Man’s Sky will take the crown for most disappointing game of the year and will certainly be in the running for the decade.

Happy 39th Birthday Atari 2600

This past Sunday was the 39th anniversary to one of the greatest video game consoles ever made, the Atari 2600. Sure it had limitations and as with any popular game system, quite a few bad games. But it had a lot of great games that are still fun to play today. The graphics and sounds it produces are iconic (as a reminder to everyone that there is no such thing as 8-bit graphics, the 2600 was just as much an 8-bit machine as the NES) and show that you don’t need photorealism for a game to be fun.

To celebrate, I made this video showcasing 39 awesome Atari 2600 games. Enjoy:

The Impressive Graphics of the Atari 8-bit Era Consoles

A little while ago I stumbled across an article on an Australian gaming website called Hey Poor Player. There, a guest writer put up a list entitled “TOP 5 GRAPHICALLY IMPRESSIVE 8-BIT GAMES“. It then went on to list Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Master System; Metal Storm for the NES; Little Samson on the NES; Wonderboy 3 for the SMS; and for #1, Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

Now those are fine examples of titles that did look good and I can understand that if you’ve only played those two systems that you might not branch out into other contemporaries.

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Updates: T-Shirts & Homebrews

I have a little free time at the moment so might be able to update the site here more frequently but I’ve got to focus on money makers first to support my family so that always takes precedence. Click below for homebrews and more:

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Trailer for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

As I recall, the original Legend of Zelda was one of my favorite games to play on the NES. While I have not played every Zelda game in existence, I’ve always had a soft spot for the series. Now with their blending of Zelda and Skyrim, the upcoming WiiU/NX release is looking quite good – apart from the dungeon crawling you have vast spaces to explore, rock climbing, tree climbing/chopping, mining materials + crafting & cooking, survival elements (such as needing to put on warmer clothes in colder areas), different types of bombs, shield-boarding (you can go down a snowy hill on your shield), the dynamic weather and so on (I heard crafting was used in Skyward Sword but that is one of the games I haven’t played yet 😛 ). It even has a new magnet tool, which those few Atari Adventure  fans out there, should recognize as a useful tool.

Now to decide whether or not I wait for the U version or get the NX version instead 😀